Many Texans enjoy the right to own their own property. When your continued ownership is at risk, you need legal assistance to protect your rights.

At The de la Garza Law Group, our attorneys understand the complications of eminent domain and the government's rights to take private property. We also understand the emotions and hardships this can cause among confused property owners. With over 30 years of experience, we will pursue your best interests when the government seeks ownership of your property. We represent all types of property owners in Texas — homeowners, business owners, rural land owners and more.

What Is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain, defined by the U.S. Constitution, is the right of the government to take private property to benefit the public for a specific use. While the government may take the land with or without permission, they must first provide the property owner with just compensation.

Challenging The Seizure Of Your Property

When seeking to take ownership of private property, the government must have specific plans to repurpose the land for public use. In Houston, such use can be broad, including projects like:

  • Highways, roads or bridges
  • Government projects or buildings
  • City expansion projects
  • Expansion or building of public facilities

The government must commence the process of condemnation to acquire the land. The first step is typically to negotiate with the property owner. The owner can either accept or reject the price initially offered in exchange for the land. When the offer is rejected, both parties must proceed to court to address the land's disputed value.

Pursuing Just Compensation For Your Land

You may dispute the true value of your land in comparison to the original offer from the government. We can assist in assessing the fair market value of your land to counter the government's offer. We understand what you are giving up and that you deserve fair compensation.

We can represent you throughout a condemnation proceeding when negotiations are ineffective. We will present a fair value for your property that accounts for your significant loss.

Consult With An Experienced Lawyer

While a project to benefit the public may sound enticing to many, we understand the impact it could have on you. We will fight for your rights and demand fair and just compensation.

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