Accidents involving a truck or motorcycle can cause devastating injuries. Due to the immense power of commercial trucks and vulnerability of motorcyclists, accidents can be complex and life-altering.

At The de la Garza Law Group, our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience in assisting serious accident victims across Houston. When 18-wheelers or motorcycles are involved in a crash, we work to protect your rights to pursue compensation for your serious or catastrophic injuries.

The Grave Dangers Of Commercial Trucking Accidents

The size and power of tractor-trailers, gas tanker trucks and other semitrucks make them a risk to other vehicles on the road. A wide array of factors can contribute to a truck accident, including:

  • Driver negligence, including failure to make safe turns or exercise reasonable caution
  • Tight or unrealistic deadlines that can lead to fast, dangerous and fatigued driving
  • Impaired or distracted driving, which is especially dangerous when operating a large vehicle
  • Improper training, ignored maintenance or sloppy loading
  • Mistakes by manufacturers, including a defective part or design

Multiple parties may be liable in truck accidents. With knowledge of the complex state and federal trucking regulations, we will pursue all those accountable for the actions that led to your injuries.

Protecting The Rights Of Motorcyclists

Motorcycles offer limited protection in an accident. This exposure can leave you vulnerable to serious or even fatal injuries.

One of the most common causes of such accidents is the failure of another driver to see or yield to a motorcycle. However, comparative negligence can be important when assessing fault. This connects your eligibility for damages and the percentage you were at fault. While Texas law only requires motorcyclists under 21 to wear a helmet, you could be found partially at fault if failure to wear a helmet contributed to the extent of your injuries.

We will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident to fight for the maximum amount of damages you are due.

Learn How A Lawyer Can Assist

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