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Common reasons why partnership disputes occur

Are you thinking about going into business with someone else? It can be a good thing, but it will most likely not be without its problems. There are a number of reasons why Texas business owners may experience partnership disputes. Knowing what they are may be of benefit to you when choosing a partner.

An article released in late 2018 discusses six different things that contribute to partnerships failing. Some of these may seem fairly obvious, but others may be somewhat eye-opening.

Why are burns so expensive?

It is no exaggeration to say that a burn over a large part of your body could end up costing you almost a million dollars in Texas. According to the Industrial Safety and Hygiene News website, an electruction, on average, could have you in the hospital for almost two months and carry a cost of just below $800,000 for a burn that covers about half of your body.

If you have ever seen these forces at work, you know how easy it is for a high-voltage electrical source to cause extensive damage to your skin, nerves and even your organs. Here are some of the reasons that hospitalization and treatment for these injuries could cost so much compared to other types of issues.

When Does a Workplace Accident Implicate Third Party Liability?


Workers’ compensation is intended to cover accidents that may injure employees in the workplace, regardless of whether the employer or employer were at fault. But this no-fault approach may not apply if a third party was at fault, or if an employer was grossly negligent. In these examples, an injured worker may need an attorney to bring a personal injury suit against a grossly negligent employer or against a liable third party. 

What constitutes wrongful death in Texas?

There is seldom a death considered timely. When someone else’s wrongdoing causes an unexpected death, however, surviving family members are often left wondering how they will manage. This hardship is why some people file wrongful death lawsuits.

A wrongful death is a loss of human life attributable to someone else’s negligence or harmful intent. These cases arise out of many areas including medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents and more.

Texting while Driving is Deadly...and Rampant

As I ride to work on I-10, when the traffic slows, I see about half the drivers looking down at their phones. Surprising? Hardly. Terrifying? Absolutely. It's terrifying that the technology in our hand has such power over our minds, that for a text or a post or an instant message-for their immediate and ephemeral gratifications-we are willing to disregard our own lives and the lives of others. Most of these people have heard about the heartbreaking, maddening, and horrific consequences, but somehow these tragedies are not enough. And this adds a whole new dimension to the problem.

Car Crash Victim Gets Both Insurance and Disability Payments.

A woman who became disabled after a car accident can be compensated for her lost wages under her auto insurance policy, even though she's also receiving Social Security disability benefits, according to a federal judge in Pennsylvania.

South Texas: Bus Rollover Claims 8 Lives, Many Others Injured

Another catastrophic bus rollover in South Texas has claimed the lives of 8 passengers and has injured another 44 passengers.  Authorities say the chartered bus belonging to OGA Charters was headed from San Juan, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, to Eagle Pass, Texas.  The crash happened on US 83 north of Laredo in Webb County, Texas.  Authorities say the bus rollover involved only one vehicle.

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