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The dangers of eating and drinking while driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem currently facing you and other drivers on Houston’s roads. Yet most tend to assume that such cases are limited to people using their cell phones while driving their vehicles. Many come to us here at The De La Garza Law Group after having been surprised to learn that there is another form of distracted driving that is equally (if not more) common as texting while driving yet far less underreported: eating while driving. 

Like most, you may be surprised to hear how eating behind the wheel can be dangerous. After all, fast food restaurants will serve you while you are in your car, and automakers themselves make it easier to drink beverages while driving by incorporating cupholders into vehicle designs. Indeed, it may even seem as though you are encouraged to eat and drive. 

Be on the lookout for warehouse hazards

Working in a warehouse is a job that many people have. Though some may not consider it an important job, these workers are necessary for the fulfillment of many tasks. Unfortunately, these workers often also do not get enough credit for carrying out their work-related duties in hazardous conditions.

Though work-related hazards are present at almost every job, warehouses can pose risks that other worksites do not. As a result, it is important that you, your employer and your co-workers do what you can to ensure that the warehouse in which you work is as safe as possible. That step could begin with recognizing hazards.

Texas newlyweds killed in car crash just after the wedding

Two young Texas newlyweds promised last week to stay together and love each other until death parted them. Unfortunately, that event happened much sooner than anyone anticipated. They left the courthouse where they had just exchanged vows in a car last Friday afternoon when another vehicle reportedly crashed into theirs and killed them instantly. The accident occurred a matter of minutes after the marriage ceremony had concluded. 

The other vehicle was a pickup truck towing a trailer hauling a tractor. Authorities have not indicated whether the driver of the pickup, who reportedly sustained no injury, will face any criminal charges. The mother of the groom was following the couple closely in her vehicle and witnessed the accident. She described the couple's car coming to rest in a nearby ditch after flipping over multiple times from the force of the collision.

Defining the Fatal Four

Construction work remains one of the most common career paths both in Houston and throughout the rest of the U.S. Indeed, according to information compiled and shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10.3 million Americans were employed in the construction industry as of 2016. Yet despite its popularity, construction work also ranks among the most dangerous professions. The responsibility to protect employees from workplace injuries falls to the companies and contractors that employ construction workers. One might argue that to be a realistic expectation in the construction industry, given that most serious construction accidents can be traced back to a relatively few causes. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that nearly 60 percent of all fatalities in the construction industry are due to the same four factors. Dubbed "the Fatal Four," these include: 

  • Falls
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Electrocutions 
  • Crush injuries (being caught in heavy machinery or in-between materials or surfaces)

Negligent entrustment in Texas

Many in Houston may incorrectly assume that those who seek legal action following a car accident are simply trying to profit of the incident. In reality, a lawsuit may be the last thing on your when dealing with the consequences of a car crash. Yet their may be times when you are forced into seeking compensation from the responsible party. Many in that very situation have come to see us here at the De La Garza Law Group after learning that the drivers that hit them were not driving their own vehicles. If the same was true in your accident, then you may worry that such a fact fact many complicate your pursuit of compensation. 

A legal principle exists known as “negligent entrustment” that allows you to assign vicarious liability to a vehicle owner when they loan their car to another person and then that person causes an accident in which you are involved. The basis of this principle is that the owner must have known (or should have known) that the person they loaned their vehicle to was an irresponsible driver. 

How can I ensure my child is safe while driving?

Driving in Houston is stressful enough on its own. Driving with kids can be even more harrowing, especially when it comes to distractions and other issues. You want to rest assured that your child is safe and secure within a vehicle whether you're driving across town or across the country. That's why Consumer Reports offers the following safe driving tips for when your kids are in tow. 

Car seats are a must for small children. To find an appropriate car seat, you must consider your child's weight and height as opposed to his or her age. You must also ensure that the car seat is installed correctly for maximum protection. If you're unsure, look for local help in the form of a car seat technician, who will show you how to install the seat into your vehicle in the correct manner. Also, be aware of safety ratings when purchasing a car seat. As your child grows older, you'll need to change car seats or transition to a booster seat. 

What sort of effects do burn injuries cause?

Many workplaces entail a risk of burn injuries, some of which may be devastating. Not only are burns often expensive to treat, they're also associated with a wide range of effects and complications. The Mayo Clinic explains different types of burns and what problems they can cause the victim. 

Burn injuries fall into one of three categories. 1st-degree burns are the mildest of all burn injuries because they only impact the outermost layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. These burns are characterized by redness and minor pain, and can usually be treated at home. 2nd-degree burns are more serious. Both the epidermis and dermis are affected in this case, which can lead to swollen skin and blisters. When a burn injury reaches the layer of fat beneath the skin, a 3rd-degree burn has occurred. 3rd-degree burns entail a risk of nerve damage and require immediate medical assistance. 

The importance of hazardous energy programs

For workers who perform maintenance on machinery, one of the most considerable risks to their safety is the sudden release of energy. Whether that means an electrical surge or an unexpected startup of the machinery, the injuries involved are often severe. OSHA refers to these sudden releases as "hazardous energy," and employers must protect workers from them.

What does comparative negligence mean for your accident claim?

The aftermath of a car accident is frightening. If you suffered injuries in a crash, you understand how complex it can be to try and put the pieces back together. From dealing with your injuries to facing the mounting medical bills, you may be unsure of where to start and how you can move forward. You may also be wondering about your chances of securing financial compensation through a civil claim.

Moving forward with a claim is often an option for individuals who are victims of accidents caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another party. But what about accidents in which the victim may bear at least a portion of fault for the accident? In these situations, the term comparative negligence may apply. This happens when identifying the at-fault party is not simple or clear.

Can you help victims of an automobile accident?

There is not much as terrifying as witnessing a car accident happen right in front of you when you are commuting in Texas. Preventing shock from debilitating your senses is important to help you safely navigate the scene and help the victims as you wait for medical personnel to arrive. 

Being prepared with ways that you can be of assistance to car accident victims before you ever witness a crash happen, can help you to know how to react in a situation that is scary and tense. Before you attempt to help out at the scene at all, make sure you get your vehicle to a place where it will not be a hazard to other drivers. If the accident is in the middle of an open road, consider using your vehicle and its hazards lights to warn other drivers to slow down and watch out. 

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