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Houston Pedestrian Traffic Is Up Due to COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order

Earlier this month, Governor Abbott lifted many of the restrictions that were a part of the stay-at-home order he previously implemented to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. During the time that the stay-at-home order was in effect, most Texans were required to stay indoors, unless they were leaving to conduct essential business. Even…

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How a brain injury can impact you and your family

When a person suffers a major injury, it can have a far-reaching impact on the entire family. For example, when one person has a brain injury, he or she may be unable to work or may need constant care. The person’s medical needs can be extensive and costly, and all of these things can directly…

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Port Neches Plant Explosion

Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, an explosion at the TPC Group Operations plant in Port Neches resulted in injuries and damage to homes in the area. A mandatory evacuation was initiated for everyone within half a mile of the facility, as the fire continued to spread after the initial explosion. It is believed that only a…


Who’s liable for an injury at an Airbnb?

Airbnb and similar house-sharing services can be a great way for homeowners to earn extra cash and for travelers to enjoy the “comforts of home” while paying less than they would for a hotel. But what happens if someone is injured at an Airbnb-type rental? Hotel guests generally know that a hotel has a legal…


The Most Overlooked Injury In The U.S.

Did you know that thousands of people suffer concussions each year, and don’t realize it – because the condition can be hard to diagnose, and because the symptoms often don’t show up until long after the injury occurs? As a result, many people don’t connect their symptoms to their actual cause. And they fail to…


Governments Can Be Sued For Bad Road Conditions

Most auto accidents are the result of a careless driver. But sometimes, they’re the result of poor road conditions and in certain cases, a local government may be financially responsible for the injury if it didn’t maintain a safe road. For instance, a truck in Nebraska spilled wet corn mash – which has the consistency…